Annina Loets


University of Wisconsin, Madison

Spring 2024
  • PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 916: Ability and Action

Fall 2023
  • PHIL 560: Metaphysics

Humboldt-University, Berlin

Summer 2023
  • Persons, Bodies, Animals (lower level) [syllabus]
  • Metasemantics: What determines meaning? (upper level, co-taught with Richard Woodward) [syllabus]

Winter 2023
  • Introduction to Metaphysics (lecture course, lower level) [syllabus]
  • What if? Conditionals [syllabus]

Summer 2022
  • The metaphysics of modality (lower level) [syllabus]
  • `Knowledge and its Limits' (upper level, co-taught with Richard Woodward) [syllabus]

Winter 2021/2022:
  • Transparency (and Opacity) in Language and Thought (lower level) [syllabus]
  • Vagueness (upper level) [syllabus]

Summer 2021:
  • A lower level class on sceptical and anti-sceptical arguments [syllabus]
  • An upper level class on the metaphysics of ordinary objects [syllabus]

University of Oxford

At Oxford, I used to teach the first year logic course, as well as the following finals papers:
  • Knowledge and Reality (102)
  • Philosophy of Logic and Language (108)
  • Philosophical Logic (127)